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Special Correspondent of Sports All Media in Italy


Within a day, two new crown virus infections occurred in the Italian seaside city of Genoa, which once again caused fans to worry about the prospects of Serie A. First on Monday morning, the former Lazio and Inter Milan player Keita arrived in Sampdoria to participate in the routine physical examination before the transfer. The physical examination passed successfully, but the new crown virus was accidentally detected. Fortunately, he has not had any contact with his teammates. After the retest turns negative, he can officially announce his joining.


Samp’s city rival, Genoa, is not so "lucky". The nucleic acid test report late Monday showed that the number of "recruited" members in the first team rose to 14 (including the previously diagnosed Palin and Chene) The official announcement of the Genoa Club did not disclose the number of players among the newly infected patients, but the media revealed that the specific number was 9 and the other 3 were first team staff. So far, when Serie A was only in the second round, Genoa had the most serious collective infection of the new crown virus in the new season of the five major leagues.


Not only that, the Genoa incident has the risk of continuing to spread. The time of the club’s official announcement was only 24 hours after their away game against Naples. Some media even made it clear that as many as 6 players directly participated in the game, which means that all the Naples players have become close contacts. At present, the entire Naples team has launched a carpet test, and the results of the test are expected to be announced today. Worried fans can't help but ask: Does Serie A face a lockout again?


"Gazzetta dello Sport" today's front page selection is a bit shocking. In the picture, Naples new aid Ossimen and Genoa player Masiello had a physical conflict. The open mouths of the two have even been attached to each other, and it is easy to exchange droplets in an instant. Anyone who has watched a football game understands that it is difficult for players on the field to avoid close contact with opponents and teammates. Even Naples coach Gattuso is no exception. He made a special trip to the opposing locker room and hugged and greeted Beh. Lamy also increased his risk of infection.

今天的“ Gazzetta dello Sport”的头版选择有些令人震惊。在图片中,那不勒斯的新援奥西门和热那亚球员马西耶洛发生身体冲突。两者的张开嘴甚至相互连接,很容易在瞬间交换液滴。任何看过足球比赛的人都知道,在场上的运动员很难避免与对手和队友的密切接触。甚至那不勒斯教练加图索也不例外。他专程前往对面的更衣室,拥抱并向Beh致意。拉米还增加了感染的风险。

Since it is difficult to avoid contact in football matches, nucleic acid testing before the game or daily is extremely important. In fact, before the game, Genoa strictly complied with the medical protocol established by the Italian Football Association. Everything stemmed from Palin's first infection: Last Friday, local time, the Genoa goalkeeper was absent from training because of a fever and received a nucleic acid test. At 12:30 on Saturday, the report showed a positive test for the new crown virus. At this time, there is one day before the match against Naples.


As a result, the Genoa team urgently added two additional tests, and at the same time postponed the flight to Naples to Sunday morning, so that the original game at 15 pm was postponed to 18 pm. The first round of testing was carried out at around 16:00 on Saturday, and no one was positive. The second round of testing did not come out until 1 am on Sunday, which is the day of the game: only the "weak positive" in the dormitory was tested, so no one tested positive. Lin and Chenai, all members set out for Naples. The tension and lack of preparation caused by unexpected events may also be one of the reasons for the final 0-6 defeat to the opponent.

结果,热那亚团队紧急增加了两个测试,并同时将飞往那不勒斯的航班推迟到周日上午,因此原本的比赛在下午15点推迟到了晚上18点。第一轮测试是在星期六的16:00左右进行的,没有人表示积极。第二轮测试直到比赛当天的星期天凌晨1点才进行:只测试了宿舍中的“弱阳性”,因此没有人测试出阳性。 Lin和Chenai,所有成员都前往那不勒斯。由意外事件引起的紧张和准备不足也可能是最终以0-6击败对手的原因之一。

However, from the perspective of the process, whether from the Keita incident or the Genoa mass infection incident, Italy can be said to be very efficient in nucleic acid testing. In an emergency, the result can be known within a few hours, which is to prevent the further spread of the infection. Hardware support. The author recently did a nucleic acid test in Italy. From appointment, test to waiting for the results, every link is simple and fast. The test for the general population can also produce results in 24 hours or less.


Since the medical agreement was strictly followed and the nucleic acid test passed twice, why did a mass infection incident happen again on Monday? Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed a manager of a Milan medical institution and gave an explanation: “It’s regrettable that this (yin to yang) is still possible, and the presence of the virus may not be detected within 72 hours of infection, because it There will be an incubation period. Perhaps Palin had been infected with the virus on Thursday and then passed it to other teammates without knowing it. The correct approach should be a long-term strict isolation, but it is currently difficult to achieve."

既然严格遵守医疗协议并且核酸测试两次通过,为什么星期一又发生了一次大规模感染事件? Gazzetta dello Sport采访了一家米兰医疗机构的经理,并作了解释:“很遗憾,这种阴阳仍然可能,而且在感染后72小时之内可能未检测到病毒的存在,因为潜伏期。也许佩林在星期四已经感染了该病毒,然后在不知情的情况下将其传递给其他队友。正确的方法应该是长期严格隔离,但目前很难实现。”

Reluctantly, in order to ensure that the game can continue, regular nucleic acid testing before the game is already the maximum that each league can do. After the outbreak of the Genoa mass infection incident, the club, the Football Association and the government have started talks, not to study the suspension of the league, but to set a baseline for the team’s participation: the Premier League stipulates that as long as the club, including the youth team, at least 14 people can play, then The game must continue to play, and the club is also responsible for continuing to play, and those who violate it will be punished; La Liga’s rules are similar to the Premier League, and 13 players can play, including at least 5 first-team players. Serie A currently does not have a strict rule on this.


In fact, the Genoa club themselves did not worry too much about this, they did not even take the initiative to postpone the next Serie A with Turin. At present, all 11 players are asymptomatic infected. When the nucleic acid test returns to negative, everything will return to normal. There are two possible effects: one is to postpone Genoa's participation in the game, and the other is to suspend the entire league for 14 days, but it coincides with the national team training, which will actually only delay one round of Serie A. Of course, all this depends on the test results of the entire Naples team.


The Italian Football Association also needs to determine a "shutdown" standard as soon as possible. It is an Italian football player who has been committed to conveying a spirit of optimism to the outside world. Ibrahimović, who was diagnosed a few days ago, made bold words: “The new crown dares to challenge me. It’s a terrible idea.” Even Maldini said: “Ibrahimovic will be back in just 7 days,” a metaphor for the new crown epidemic. The rebound has little effect on football. Fans should have confidence in Serie A or Italy, where the epidemic is relatively well controlled. The league will not be suspended easily. The "new crown fighters" represented by Ibrahimovic will continue to present wonderful performances to everyone.


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