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【亚愽彩票app安卓】蒋光太和费南多 谁的入选对国足更重要?
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   In this training session, Evergrande has once again become a big player. A total of 6 players including Exon, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Dianzuo, Wei Shihao, Fernando and Jiang Guangtai were selected. Among the six players, Exxon and Wei Shihao were selected without accident. The only thing to worry about is Wei Shihao’s injury. "Wei Shihao does not have the conditions for the game now, but he will soon practice with the team. After a few days of vacation, Wei Shihao returns to Guangzhou to continue to separate from the team, and then continue to train." Cannavaro said.

在这次培训中,恒大再次成为了重要人物。共有6位选手参赛,其中包括Exon,张林鹏,刘殿佐,韦世浩,费尔南多和姜光泰。在这六名球员中,埃克森美孚和魏世豪毫无意外地被选中。唯一需要担心的是魏世豪的伤病。 “魏士豪现在没有参加比赛的条件,但是他很快就会和球队一起练习。休假几天后,魏士豪回到广州继续与车队分离,然后继续训练。”卡纳瓦罗说。

   Even if Wei Shihao is injured, Li Tie doesn't have to worry too much, because this time, he has a motorcycle under him-Fernando. Since being taken back by Evergrande from China at the beginning of this year, Fernando has attracted attention from the outside world, especially when he was fined 3 million yuan for violations during winter training.


What is not clear to the outside world is whether he can fit into the defending champion, and whether he can let the national fans see that fast-moving motorcycle in the world preliminaries when he is eligible to play on behalf of the national football team. Of course, whether his personality is not so perverse. .

外界尚不清楚他是否可以担任卫冕冠军,他是否有资格代表国家橄榄球队参加比赛,是否可以让国家球迷看到世界上快速行驶的摩托车的预赛。当然,他的个性是否不是那么变态。 。

Fernando, who was late for his first show due to injury, did not represent Evergrande until the fifth round. In the seventh round against Dalian, Evergrande had the worst halftime performance of the season, and Fernando came off the bench in the second half. Scored an equalizer goal. Although Cannavaro was unconvinced about whether he would give Fernando more playing time at the time, the fact is that Fernando gradually gained more opportunities.


   In 9 games, he scored 3 goals and 4 assists. Among all the naturalized players, his performance was the best on the offensive line.


   It can be said that Fernando's speed, ball control and active offensive characteristics are all required by the national football team. His addition will definitely speed up the national football offense.


The naturalization process of Fernando is very simple. After five years in China and then apply to FIFA, he will naturally qualify for the Chinese team. There is no need for Evergrande and the Football Association to worry too much, but Jiang Guangtai, who was selected this time, is a process. Ups and downs, and FIFA's new naturalization rules have solved all troubles.


After the official promotion of the naturalization strategy in 2019, Jiang Guangtai, who is still playing for Everton in the Premier League, was able to enter the Evergrande election support area with his grandfather's Chinese origin in Jiangmen, Guangdong. However, it is not easy for him to represent the national football team. After all, he has represented The England youth team has played official games.


Last year, Evergrande has been working hard to find Jiang Guangtai’s “identity certificate” materials, and strive to let him play on behalf of the national football team. There are few chances to play, and he can only get a stable chance to play in the AFC. In the second half of the season, Exxon returns and Jiang Guangtai is removed from the registration list. However, Cannavaro values ​​the potential of this central defender and wants to keep him. Under my nose, to supervise his training and weight loss process.


In the 2020 season, Jiang Guangtai successfully obtained Chinese nationality with the help of all parties. With the change of the Football Association's policies on naturalization and the use of foreign aid, Jiang Guangtai was able to play in the Chinese Super League with blood naturalization, and he also showed the level of Premier League defenders. The center back line composed of partners can be said to be an important guarantee for Evergrande to score points this season. This season, he has represented Evergrande in 11 games, with a total playing time of 924 minutes, ranking 4th in the team. In addition, the average per game Contributing 4.5 clearances and 1.3 interceptions, with the efforts of him and his teammates, Evergrande has conceded only 12 goals, the third-lowest among the 16 Super League teams.


Thanks to FIFA’s latest naturalization policy, Jiang Guangtai no longer has to look for other proof materials. The Chinese Football Association also formally submitted Jiang Guangtai’s naturalization materials to the FIFA Player Identification Department last week. According to relevant estimates, Jiang Guangtai and Fernando can complete the hearing as soon as mid-October, and they can certainly represent the national football team in next year's world preliminaries.


   From the outside world, Jiang Guangtai's participation is a consolidation of the national football defense. When Feng Xiaoting faded out and Zhu Chenjie was still young, the national football needed Jiang Guangtai. Moreover, at the age of 26, he was in his prime. If nothing else, he will be the core of the national football defense in the next few years.


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