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亚愽彩票app安卓-马布里谈武汉:这里的食物很辣 这里的人民很热情
名称:亚愽彩票app安卓-马布里谈武汉:这里的食物很辣 这里的人民很热情

On the evening of October 4th, the "Wuhan Dangdai·2020 Yao Fund Charity Tournament" will officially start in the basketball hall of Wuhan Sports Center. Although the intensity of the charity match cannot be compared with the formal professional competition, this competition that has gathered stars from all walks of life such as Yao Ming still has many fascinating things to watch.


Head coach duel


Marbury and


The opponents of the game are the Chinese men's basketball star team VS the male Dingle star team. National team coach Du Feng serves as the head coach of the men's basketball star team, while the male Dingle team is headed by CBA North Control coach Marbury. This in itself is a very interesting topic, because the two coaches once had very entangled "feelings and grudges". This charity match allowed the two to have an alternative duel outside the CBA arena.


Marbury in the player period can be said to be the nemesis of the Guangdong team. In his four years playing for the Beijing team, he won the championship three times. At that time, Du Feng, who was coaching in the Guangdong team, was repeatedly defeated by Marbury. Therefore, the two often sparked on the court. Now Marbury is also a well-known coach of the CBA team, and Du Feng has become the head coach of the national team. In the CBA last season, the Guangdong Men's Basketball team lost its first defeat to the North Control team led by Marbury. At that time, Du Feng refused to shake hands with Marbury, which made Marbury very angry.

马布里在球员时期可以说是广东队的克星。在为北京队效力的四年中,他三度获得冠军。当时,在广东队执教的杜锋多次被马伯里击败。因此,这两个经常在球场上引发。现在,马布里还是CBA队的著名教练,杜锋也成为了国家队的主教练。在上赛季的CBA中,广东男篮输给了马伯里(Marbury)领导的北方控制队(North Control)。当时杜峰拒绝与马布里握手,这使马布里很生气。

At the pre-match press conference in Wuhan on the 3rd, Marbury said: "Thank Yao Fund for giving me such an opportunity to come to Wuhan. After a major event, I can come to this great city and witness a historical moment." During the 2011 Asian Championships, Marbury came to Wuhan to observe. So far, he still remembers the delicious but spicy food in Wuhan. Of course, what makes him most memorable is the enthusiasm of the people here.


Du Feng said: "It's a great honor to come to Wuhan at a special time. As a sportsman, I have a responsibility to contribute to charity." Marbury and Du Feng were on stage at the same time, and the two nodded to each other. It seems that under the inspiration of charity, past enemies have a tendency to "smile and laugh."


The stars are shining


Half of the national team came to the scene


In terms of players, the charity match also attracted many basketball players to join. The Chinese men’s basketball star teams include: Hu Mingxuan, Ren Junfei, Zhou Peng (Guangdong), Wang Shaojie,


At the pre-match press conference, Zhou Peng said: "My wife is from Wuhan. So we have many relatives and friends who live in Wuhan. During the epidemic, many of them also fought on the front line of the epidemic. The people of Wuhan are in the epidemic. I felt the difficulties during the period. I also shot a group of fitness videos at the time, just to encourage these families to overcome the epidemic."


Facing the strong Chinese men's basketball star team, the male Dingle team is naturally not to be outdone. In addition to inviting Wuhan contemporary male basketball players to help out, the addition of two international players, Clarence Wilms and Marshan Brooks, made the team even more powerful. At the press conference, Wilms said: "It's an honor to be able to play with such a group of people. It must be a completely different feeling from before."

面对强大的中国男篮明星队,丁格尔男队自然不甘落后。除了邀请武汉当代男性篮球运动员提供帮助外,另外两名国际球员Clarence Wilms和Marshan Brooks也使球队更加强大。威尔姆斯在新闻发布会上说:“能够与这样一群人一起玩是一种荣幸。这一定是一种与以前完全不同的感觉。”

The third quarter of the competition is exclusively built for children


Ten young players come from rural primary schools in poverty-stricken areas in Shiyan


Since its establishment in 2008, the Yao Foundation has been focusing on funding the development of physical education for poor young people. Therefore, the Yao Foundation Charity Competition has always had a tradition, that is, in the third quarter of the game, small players from rural primary schools in poor areas and Yao Foundation Hope Primary School basketball season will be sent to the game. According to reports, this year's ten young players are all from Shiyan City.


Zhan Haoran took the stage for an interview on behalf of the young players. When asked who his favorite player was, Zhan Haoran was so nervous that he couldn't speak for a long time. Later, under the encouragement of the host, he calmed down and said: "My favorite player is Sun Yue. He is very handsome and plays well. Especially the shots on the court are particularly powerful..." As soon as it came out, the audience and Sun Yue sitting in the audience breathed a sigh of relief. The host took the opportunity to tease Sun Yue and said: "It seems that this is still a true fan of you."


In the game on the evening of the 4th, Zhan Haoran and other young players will play in the third quarter of the charity match to show the audience their confidence and skills, and the score in this quarter will be included in the final total score.




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